I finally got to spend some time on Beet.TV and wow!  Found some fresh, insightful video interviews with influencers like Steve  Rubel (, Om Molik (GigaOM), Peter Rojas, Shel Isreal and tons more.

Found this posted by Andy Plesser, who I had the pleasure of meeting over a year ago at a new media breakfast hosted by TheNewsMarket.com (broadcast quality video download services used by Intel’s GCG).  In this interview you get a good sense for the importance of tagging and the benefits of allowing your readers to tag your posts/content.  The most telling reaction here is that people who are paid to comment on blogs are currupting conversations.  A strong opinion for which I feel is limiting.  The sense I got from the ending of this interview: the real power resting in the potential of Internet, not particular tools people will create to make money off it.  

Jeff Jarvis the vlogger! With his great video coverage of Davos under his belt, I asked him to handle some interviews for Beet.TV at the AlwaysOn conference in Manhattan this week.

Here Jeff has a talk with Harvard’s David Weinberger, one of the co-authors of the ground-breaking Cluetrain Manifesto.

David is an author of an upcoming book about folksonomies and tags called “Everything is Miscellanous.”


Here’s the rising videoblogger Jeff Jarvis (l) in action, interviewing David Weinberger at the AlwaysOn conference.

P.S.  Note — we are providing transcriptions of our interviews on Beet.TV — the lag is about 5 days since the the transcriptions are done by real human beings who understand and write real English!  So, you should check back at this post to find the transcription in a few days.  Here is our Beet.TV transcription blog.

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