I first saw this on Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion.Understanding audience is always interesting, and the audience changes over time. Today’s Tech Novice becomes next year’s Tech Interested becomes Tech Enthusiast two years later.

This is interesting because the report tries focusing on the social media participation. One thing’s for sure, interest has never been higher. More people are keen with their toes on the line, ready to test the waters. There is a new next wave of novices joining in the next few months. That will push all the other participants up the latter. See you on the way up!

clipped from www.micropersuasion.com
Charlene Li from Forrester gave me just the starting point? I needed. She is out today with a new fascinating report on social technographics.
Forrester segmented the online audience into several different stratas – what they call a ladder of participation. They found that “Inactives” are by far the dominant group (52%). They’re followed by spectators, joiners, critics, collectors and last but not least creators. This last cluster, according to the analyst firm, dabbles in lots of different activities but few do all of them.

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One thought on “Social Technographics

  1. This is an excellent insight into how companies should make bespoke programmes dependent upon the audience they are trying to reach.

    Too often I have seen a ‘one size fits all’ methodology into new media outreach.
    Hopefully, this kind of research will push vendors to consider that different approaches need to be taken dependent upon the micro-audience that are targetting.

    My post backs this up.

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