Intel IT team has the flava!  As a source for great stories about how Intel technology is helping companies advance and stay on the productive cutting edge, the Intel IT team continues to try creative ways of telling and sharing their stories.

I remember attending the Intel vPro launch event in San Francisco last year.  There were tons of other companies there — man of they service or software provider — talking about how they’re impressed with the new Intel hardware with baked in manageability and security.  The challenge was convincing some that hardware could actually help security and manageability software — the two would work better together.

Here’s what’s been happening since the 2006 introduction — more info.

Here are some videos the IT team created with rockumentray wildman Christopher Guest from Spinal Tap fame.  Here’s where today’s best built-in hardware (chips) teams up with the best software running today’s business.  Together the future looks better.

Better quality videos here.

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