Tom Foremski of PodTech and SiliconValleyWatcher posted a timely video about the challenges of getting your company’s IT department to use or implement social media tools.  Timely because Tom will be hosting a similar panel at the Intel Developer Forum, but this panel will feature IT pros, legal experts and bloggers rather than marketing and communications pros — more here.

More people are having these kinds of experiences at work and it’s helping us all learn and actually try new things with some grounded expectations — i.e. getting people to engage and interact rather than clocking the number of hits or downloads.

Before we move to the video, here is a brand new effort by Intel — Open Port, where IT pros and enterprise technology experts/enthusiasts can come and learn, ask questions, vent, meet people and help people understand how to use the latest tech tools for businesses.  At first this will seem heavily voiced by Intel propaganda, but most of the stories, studies and information is about things Intel IT pros are learning as they work inside Intel and with IT shops at other companies.  I hope this helps break down any walls that are keeping IT pros from running as fast as they’d like to use new technologies that help people do what they want, like and need to do in life.  Of course security and risk awareness is important, but these are two issues that IT pros will has out when they gather around together with open minds and share.

Here’s video posted by Tom Foremski.

Josh Hallett and Alex Kim, from Solution Set, talk about building social media platforms within enterprises and the roadblocks that IT departments create. Lots of good advice on overcoming those obstacles. A Silicon Valley Watcher report from a meeting of the Third Thursday club held at Voce Communications, in Palo Alto. Also on TechOne: Larry Magid’s report on Google Docs and Spreadsheets; and Michael Cote talks with William Hurley about commercial open source.

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