There he is! No, he’s over there. He’s in your RSS feeder, links inside others’ blogs, on UStream.TV, in Hong Kong in Silicon Valley…he’s everywhere, but now working at Forrester Research. Jeremiah Owyang is showing and sharing how we can all connect and communicate better. Call it strategic, I call it smart. If you like interesting people and are interested in people, social media is for you.

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One thought on “Understanding the Importance of Facebook for Marketers

  1. hey guys i am doing a reance of facebook search on the importance of the facebook.i wanna know why more than 100000 people on the facebook that signt on it
    why is it soo importante
    i wanna do this research but plz replay soo fast because am doing this research for my work and i have to give them the research to put it on the news paper this week end
    plz rplay and tell me why do many people signt on it.. and whats the important of it and whats th best thing on it and the worst and what do people do on it and who made this web site and his email plz
    thank you
    mena elkady

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