The Upload Lounge was a great place to have people from a variety of Intel teams to get together and share their IDF experiences with their online audiences. From what I’ve seen, IDF was one of the best team efforts to date, bringing together marketing and PR pros with top technologists and even heroes of technology like Gordon Moore.

Nancy Bhagat has helped Intel get its branded blogs going and growing, and she has helped ignite folks like Bob Duffy to begin Open Port, Intel’s online IT community collaboration and social media sharing site.

The key for me is integrating, which means we ALL OWN things together. We break down walls separating groups. We drive acceptance and understanding of how to share stories with our audiences. And our next step needs to be this: turn around, get back to our groups and share how things can be done. We all OWN things and working together can show the benefits of moving ahead and learning together. When we fall, we laugh, lend a hand, learn and move on.

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