A Twitter king gets interviewed by Shel Israel. That’s the gracious, observant Shashi Bellamkonda.
clipped from redcouch.typepad.com
The very fact that Network Solutions realized that they need a social media person is a positive step toward joining the conversation. We got over the first milestone–getting people inside the company to understand the challenges and the power of social media presence. I have been part of discussions to open new ways for customer communication (blogs, forums).
We have been using Communispace as a social media tool for a few years and now we’re taking steps in mainstream social media.  In a very small way, I experimented using social media to spread the word about a product that I managed called BuildMyMobi. I wanted to let people know that it was an easy to use tool to create a website for mobile phones. I joined conversations in blogs and forums where the people might be looking for such tools. We asked people to try the product. This helped us understand that with the right approach social media can add a new dimension to our efforts to reach customers.
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