At the Web 2.0 Expo and New Comms Forum this week, I got to hear many great stories and the stortellers behind them.

During a panel I was on at the New Comms Forum on Thursday, Weber ShandwickPR guru Tim Marklein asked the question that hit home for me: money resources are moving to social media, but what about people resources? For Intel, it started as little money and a small community of passionate employees trying new things and sharing experiences. Then marketing put more resources and helped build tools we could all use. Now advertising is in the game…and I believe we might benefit from having more people resources our connecting with others through social media…and integrating and leveraging what others inside Intel are doing. We’re all still building, but we have lots more experience and resources in the social media world. So much more to learn from others.

After lunching with Tim, Tom Foremski and others at the New Comm Forum, my “Personality Not Included” guru Rohit Bhargava and I hit Web 2.0. That’s where I finally met Chris Brogan, David Alston and Richard McInnis. What a great bunch of energy and wit. I got to learn more about Radian6‘s online monitoring magic.

I’ll share more details in posts this weekend. Met lots of new people, enjoyed story sharing and got inspired for what’s to come. What a week!

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