Authors-Action Heroes at Web 2.0 Expo, SF08

There were many highlights from the Web 2.0 Expo:

  • Meeting Chris Brogan and the Radian6 crew
  • Experiencing the creative vibe inside social media room
  • Seeing how Twitter intrigue continues to drive new reasons/ways for live microblogging
  • Learning about SEO and trends for application developers — I see these trends are not locked into developers but also apply to communications pros. This is something I hope to explore in a near future post, building on notes I took from the two sessions I attended on Day One.
  • Seeing for the first time IBM‘s great slogan “Talking identifies limits.  Doing transcends boundaries.”
  • Seeing the Schwaggin’ Wagon posse in action — they drummed up lots of media buzz with by doing something many have talked about, but never did: take the exaggerated efforts of an event like Web 2.0 Expo and share the spoils with those who are more in need. This I’ll explore more in an upcoming blog post where I can share the photo I took.

The best part was getting to hang out with people like Rohit Bhargava and Tim Ferriss. Sure they’re authors (Rohit’s new book “Personality Not Included” and Tim’s 52 week NY Time top seller “Four Hour Work Week“), sure they’re idea guys…but they’re livin’ life and sharing ideas and best known methods with those who care and want to learn.

Web 2.0 Expo is not just about social media and the technologies behind it…it’s about the people and how they’re using the technologies to lead they way. And they way things are going, human behavior and personality is changing for the better as we share more, try more, do more of the things we’re passionate about.

Chris Brogan and Tim Marklein @ Web 2.0

At the Web 2.0 Expo and New Comms Forum this week, I got to hear many great stories and the stortellers behind them.

During a panel I was on at the New Comms Forum on Thursday, Weber ShandwickPR guru Tim Marklein asked the question that hit home for me: money resources are moving to social media, but what about people resources? For Intel, it started as little money and a small community of passionate employees trying new things and sharing experiences. Then marketing put more resources and helped build tools we could all use. Now advertising is in the game…and I believe we might benefit from having more people resources our connecting with others through social media…and integrating and leveraging what others inside Intel are doing. We’re all still building, but we have lots more experience and resources in the social media world. So much more to learn from others.

After lunching with Tim, Tom Foremski and others at the New Comm Forum, my “Personality Not Included” guru Rohit Bhargava and I hit Web 2.0. That’s where I finally met Chris Brogan, David Alston and Richard McInnis. What a great bunch of energy and wit. I got to learn more about Radian6‘s online monitoring magic.

I’ll share more details in posts this weekend. Met lots of new people, enjoyed story sharing and got inspired for what’s to come. What a week!

Let’s Hook Up @, Web 2.0 @ Web 2.0 Expo in SF 4/23-25/2008

Social media sense-maker and people motivator Chris Heuer and the great team of the Conversation Group are hosting a cool gather-create-share spot at the four-day Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, April 23-25.

I’ve been working behind the scenes trying to help get my social media posse there. I’m trying to be there on Tuesday and Friday, and I’m looking forward to particpating in the action, seeing my old and making new my social media posse.

If you’re there on Wednesday, check out two of the wisest, generous from my posse — Forrester Research’s Jeremiah Owyang and Intel’s Bob Duffy.

Here are details from Facebook.

CONNECT: Free bandwidth, power, workstations and superior Internet connectivity provided
RE-CHARGE: Food, refreshments, beverages, and afternoon happy hour
RELAX: Daily yoga sessions and chair massages
FOLLOW: @blogtropolus on Twitter to keep up with all of the and Web 2 action, as it happens is brought to you by: Snap, Mzinga, Something Simpler Systems, BottleNotes, Pandora,, Socialtext, Radian6, Elephant Pharmacy, and CNET Webware.

In order to participate you must have a Web 2.0 Expo Pass or conference pass AND you must register for the lounge at – Space is limited!

Also see CNET’s Webware 100 Awards at the gathering.

New Gadget Makin’ Friends @SxSW 2008

This is a repost & update — I slipped and deleted the original post from March 2008.


I didn’t get to go this year, but I did my best to boost my friends who did go.

Our pals from TDI hosted a bike ride and BBQ during South by Southwest, where our Intel mobility blogfather Bryan brought his new friend the picnic: A prototype Gigabyte mobile Internet device (MID) built with Intel’s soon to be released Atom processor technology.

Voices That Matter — Live! From SXSW with DL Byron.

We’ll see more of these at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai this April.

Here’s a cool video my pal Bryan did with the great production crew at PodTech

[podtech content=]

My Social Media Posse @ Lunch 2.0-Oglivy in SF

My Social Media Posse 2008, originally uploaded by KenEKaplan.

I got to meet the very wise and good spirited Herbert Nguyen, publisher & editor of Ubergizmo and catch up with Tom Foremski of SiliconValleyWatcher. We chowed down on burritos at the Lunch 2.0 inside Ogilvy offices in San Francisco.

What a great turnout! Kudos and big thanks to my pals at Ogilvy — from Luca to Adriana.

UPDATE:  Below a nutty video Ogilvy shot at the event:

Josh Bancroft @ IDF2008

Josh Bancroft @ IDF2008, originally uploaded by Hugger Industries.

The hardest working man in socio-business! Josh Bancroft inspires by doing and being involved and it seems he’s always there to help you reach higher ground. He is a very special person. One to whom I’m grateful. A legend in my social media posse.

Here is in Shanghai working his magic at the Intel Developer Forum on April 2, 2008.

Here’s a link to a cool blog post he did while packing up his social media gear before hitting the airways to Shanghai.