IMG_4744, originally uploaded by b_d_solis.

Brian Solis shot this — our two computers — during the Intel Insider gathering, where everyone was tuned in…to many live conversations at one time. Twitter broke down often during the early afternoon.

But I don’t think anyone jumped onto their Plurk. Instead, we just kept hitting refresh on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Move to New Multitasking Tool

  1. Plurk is a dead end. FriendFeed is where the conversation has moved to. It’s faster than Twitter, encompasses a superset of Twitter, and doesn’t go down when Twitter goes down.

    I resisted it for a long time, but today I dove in head first, and everyone is right. It IS better than Twitter. It’s an amazingly powerful tool.

    Grab some time with me sometime and I’ll give you a braindump of what I’ve learned so far. I’ve already got it integrated into everywhere I write online, can access from my phone with, etc.

    All the cool kids have moved to FriendFeed! 😉

  2. I will certainly grab time with you! I felt the DOA curse when I dove into Plurk — the water was shallow — but I do think there are some fun things there, and an interesting way to look at conversations on a time line. Plurk has some fun and cool design built in, but I TOTALLY agree…FriendFeed is pulling me in. I’m checking it out through Twirl and Fecebook, but would love to learn more from you.

    Thank you for checking in. New changes in my group will hopefully allow me to spend less time in meetings and more time here…and there…and wherever else I can go:).

  3. We should have regular 1:1s for idea sharing. I love talking with you, and I love to teach cool things I’ve learned. You’re always so eager to pick up new stuff – it’s a perfect match! 🙂

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