Since joining Intel in 2000, a few of my favorite things are:

  • feeling momemtum grow as teams focus on a colective goal
  • marveling at the unfathomable size big and small & economies of scale — everything must scale (will human intelligence scale?)
  • getting to talk with researchers who are pulling up the horizon of the future

From Eric Dishman’s real and personal exploration into getting technology to heal the damaged healthcare industry.

Tony Salvador’s passion about people and how things fit purposefully into their lives, no matter what their background or where they live.

Research@Intel Day is second only to the Intel Developer Forum on my favorite Intel Events List. This year, I saw lots of healthcare projects and research into mobile technologies, like the video blog I posted about playing Second Life wirelessly using a small mobile Internet device.

Here is a compilation of some of the fascinating research projects that may somehow, someway help build next best computer chip.

[podtech content=]

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