I really needed this — right thing at the right time today.  Thanks to EveryWhereGirl.

Actually, it was thanks to someone calling Intel’s IT Community “Open Port” Manager Josh Hilliker the EveryWhereGuy.  Good one!  And so is the next connection, because Josh can jump through hoops with the greatest of ease…makin’ connections, findin’ answers and on the scene to make things happen.

Now here’s the thing you gotta see.  A documentary snippet about the Hula-Hoop called “The Hooping Life.” The hoop can do a  mind, spirit and body good!


The movie trailer site has two more videos showing some cool tricks for us Hoopin’ newbies to try…or teach our kids!

Love the names on the movie bill — Groovehoops, Hoopalicios and Hoopgirl.

One thought on “Hoop It Real Good

  1. Nice one.
    Juggling is the same thing. You’ve got to try it. It gets your mind completely away from any distractions and gives it a change to re-focus afterwards. It’s easier in the office too!

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