Today I found an unboxed Canon PowerShot G9 for $339 at Need4Digital.  So I watched the CNET video review again, recounted my experiences and advice about the camera…then placed my order.

I’ve had a hankering for the Canon G9 and G10 for a while now.  In the past few weeks, I met two talented social media creators and got to try their Cannon G series.

During South by Southwest 2009, new media pioneer Eddie Codel showed me his Panasonic Lumix LX3, the same one he raved about to Rocketboom’s Ellie Rountree at the event.  Some of Eddie’s photos can be seen here.

Eddie’s enthusiasm for the LX3’s ability to shoot in low light is something I’ve been carrying around with me.  I’m just not sure how well the Canon G9 shoots in low light.  I am glad it can capture video, but I’m not too jazzed that you can’t zoom while shooting video.

Well, I’ll put it all to the test in a few days and then I’ll consider some accessories:  better grip, thumb rest, UV filter and possible lens adaptor with telephoto lense.

2 thoughts on “Canon G9 Will Be Mine!

  1. The Canon G9 (with firmware releases 1.00D, 1.00F, 1.00G, 1.00H or 1.00I) has the ability to download CHDK, which means that you would be able to share in the creative programming of developers who love photography. It’s a wickedly cool niche where the participants are retasking point-and-shoot cameras to embrace functionality previously exclusive to the domain of fancy DSLRs, as well as new functionality not hitherto conceived.

    My cousin Jesse Vincent, @obra, is shopping around for his CHDK capable point-and-shoot right now, so I’ll tell him about what you’ve found.

    1. Wow, very cool! Thanks, Rich. Hope you’re doing fine.

      Warning about Need4Digital. Hours after placing my order I received an email to call and confirm my order. I called them Monday morning, and a salesman was trying to sell me accessories at what seemed to be very high prices. I check prices of accessories then called back to confirm that I only wanted the camera. The salesman said fine, thank you and enjoy the camera. About 20-minutes later I received another email saying “Sorry” your item is not in stock and could take several weeks.

      Not a good way to run a business. At this point, I wouldn’t trust or recommend Need4Digital.

      I’ll move on to a more trusted place.

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