@IntelLabs Social Scientist Genevieve Bell and Intel CTO getting it right with Context Aware Computing, Elevating Smart to Smarter Devices #IDF10

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Tablet Development Platform and Ocosmos both w/ Intel Atom Oak Trail SoC chip inside. Backstage #IDF.

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Computex 2010 Videos from Intel: Thin Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, Handhelds

For two years now, I’ve helped my Intel communications team plan for and share what’s happening at Computex.  And every year, my desire to BE THERE in Taipei grows.  It looks like a blast — lots of gadget freaks going gaga over the latest devices and concept designs.

One of the concept designs Intel showed was a 14mm thin netbook with Intel Atom processor inside.  I got to shoot some photos before the concept was shipped to Taipei — shared here.

As I’ve been reading stories and posts from people attending the show, I’ve been collected them on this Pearl Tree:

Here are a few videos, showing the latest technologies Intel was showing at the event, including some of the projects I got to work on over the past few months such as Intel Atom (codenames Moorestown and Canoe Lake) and the new ultra low volt Intel Core processors for super thin latpsops (on Twitter IntelThin).

Showing the very latest Intel-powered Tablets, handhelds and ultra thin laptops was how Intel celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary of participating at Computex in Taiwan. Intel Corporation is hosting a keynote and series of events to unveil and showcase its latest technology innovations, led by the Intel® Atom processor, and including PC client and smart, connected devices, ultra mobility and embedded, cloud computing, wireless broadband, as well as software and applications at Computex Taipei. Intels activities at Computex 2010 featured a keynote by David (Dadi) Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager, Intel Architecture Group (IAG) at the 3F Plenary Hall of Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) on June 1. Intel will exhibit its all-encompassing product platforms at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Nangang Exhibition Hall from June 1 -5.
Intel’s Mooly Eden was just named in Fast Company’s Top 25 Most Creative People in Business. Here he shows the very latest Intel-powered tablets, handhelds and ultra thin laptops was how Intel celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary of participating at Computex in Taiwan.

Impact of 2007 SEC Rules on Online Communication

This is a video I shot during a panel featuring a colleague I call Intel’s BlogFather, Bryan Rhoads.

When moderator Brian Solis asked for a social media guidelines guru, I suggested Bryan, who has been helping Intel get started with a family of blogs (2006-2007), drafting social media guidelines and a Digital IQ course to helps educate and share best practices across the company.

This panel included: Richard Brewer-Hay of Ebay, Bryan Rhoads of Intel, Tom Foremski of Silicon Valley Watcher and ZDNet, and David Gelles of Financial Times.

The talk  showed that there is still much pioneering work going on, which means the next phase will be the settlers who implement newly sanctioned practices inside companies.

Will the SEC  someday require companies to release appropriate financial information on a timely basis over Twitter and inside Facebook?

Here are some related items form the panel:

Girls in Tech DevForum 2008 — Video of Panel

Well I’m just another guy in tech — my day job draws me inside Intel and the rest of my life, family and beyond is more an more tech infused every day.

I wasn’t my first choice when hi5’s Adriana Gascoigne asked if Intel could participate in the Girls in Tech DevForum 2008.  Inside Intel there are tons of talented girls in tech…and most everyone I reached out to just couldn’t make it to San Francisco on November 19th.

As fate would have it, I was was fortunate to be on a panel with some talented and good humored rising tech stars who shared their insights with a room full of women entrepenauers and even a group of tech guys, especially the vocal group visiting from across the pond.

I brought my camera (surprise!) and was able to set it up on a tripod then slip in front of the camera to join the other panelist.  I enjoyed how everyone kept their storytelling light and anecodotal with just enought geek speak to keep it real and substantial.

The panel was moderated by Paul Linder, hi5.

The panel featured:

Adriana is a wonderful, classy host.  I’ve seen her host many gatherings — inside clubs as well as conference rooms.

I did get to meet up with the creative team behind the cool VortexMe widgets, which we created for our Intel Insiders social media advisors.

Regrettably I could only stay for the first part of the day — I’m playing Mr. Mom these days — but here’s rest of the agenda that I missed:

  • It’s an OpenSocial Generation; learn more about the platform framework, benefits, and analytics: Raymond Chan, Architect, RockYou
    The Power of the Social Web: Ami Vora, Sandra Liu Huang Product Managers, Facebook
  • DSLs: One of the Hottest Trends in Software: How to Use it For Your Business: Anda Ambrovici, ThoughtWorks
  • Building Applications Based on User Behaviors/Interests: Holly Liu, Product Manager, Watercooler
  • Beyond Maps: The Future of the Geo-Web: Brittany Bohnet, Product Marketing, Google
  • How to Develop, Market and Monetize Widgets: Jeff Whitehead, Gina Satomi, VortexMe, RealTimeMatrix
  • GLAM product launch announcement with Sasha Cagen, Product Engineer, GLAM
  • Cocktail mixer and apps, sponsored by ThoughtWorks