Tablet Development Platform and Ocosmos both w/ Intel Atom Oak Trail SoC chip inside. Backstage #IDF.

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Ocosmos OCS1 prototype with Oak Trail Intel Atom SoC backstage after #IDF10 keynote

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What Inspires Computer Revolutionary Steve Wozniak

I do miss writing and sharing things here on my blog.  One thing I’d like to test out here is the code I get from TubeMogul, which allowed me to upload to several video sites my video interview with Steve Wozniak (note: the embed code from TubeMogul didn’t work in my blog).

Boz meets Woz is what we called it at the Intel Developer Forum.  Larry Bozman is my mentor, the guy who hired me from KRON-TV to join Intel back in 2000.  Boz keeps me tied to my broadcast roots.  Here he askes Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak what Inspires him.  I shot this just about an our after Steve spoke with NPR “Tech Nation” host Moira Gunn did a live stage chate with Woz in front of thousands of top engineers attending IDF on August 21, 2008.  Steve shared so many stories and so much enthusiasm — wow!  I was alsways a fan, but now I really have a great appreciation for the person known as Woz — he’s lovable, especially when he answers every curious question with his own angle, infused with his own force of enthusiasm and experience.  I’m a sucker a great storyteller!

I shot this video for Intel’s Inspired By Education site, where you can join a great collection of peopel sharing their stories about what inspires them.

I will share more video I shot with Woz and Gunn in later posts, but for now, here are the links followed by an YouTube embed.




Yahoo! Video


Google Video

Good Stories Stitch What You See, What You Feel

This one gets my imagination zoomin’!  The springboard sights and sounds video from the Intel Developer Forum in Shaghai, April 2008.  Great storytelling is the art engulfs the heart of my imagination.

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Us Taking a Photo of Us with a Gigabyte MID

Hey, that’s an Intel Atom processor Gigabyte mobile Internet device in their hand!

This is a good visual because it shows what I’ve been seeing in my minds eye: new mobile Internet devices will make ultimate social media swiss Army knives we can bring anywhere to capture and share your stories, photos and videos quickly.

And then WiMAX will come!

Cool shot from my S 🙂 pals Byron and Jason! Bravi!!

Josh Bancroft @ IDF2008

Josh Bancroft @ IDF2008, originally uploaded by Hugger Industries.

The hardest working man in socio-business! Josh Bancroft inspires by doing and being involved and it seems he’s always there to help you reach higher ground. He is a very special person. One to whom I’m grateful. A legend in my social media posse.

Here is in Shanghai working his magic at the Intel Developer Forum on April 2, 2008.

Here’s a link to a cool blog post he did while packing up his social media gear before hitting the airways to Shanghai.