Intel’s own Atom Ant

[podtech content=]This is one of four videos we shot and shared online for the launch of Intel Atom and Intel Centrino Atom, Intel’s tiniest processor to date. It’s built with Intel’s smallest (45nm) transistors in production and designed to sip battery juice while packing a punch inside small, light Internet devices.

We’ll see more “real” devices when the chips are releases to gadget and gizmo makers in the second quarter of this year.

Here is where we can watch what people are saying online. Here are some bookmarked stories on and StumbleUpon.

Intel at CES 2008: Go Off and Do Something Wonderful

Cool video highlights of Intel inside and all around CES 2008. “Don’t be encumbered by history…go off and do something wonderful” is an Intel inspirational quote from co-founder and first CES Robert Noyce.

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PodTech’s BlogHaus at CES Was The Place to Be

CES2008_LasVegas 011, originally uploaded by KenEKaplan.

For the second year in a row at CES, PodTech’s BlogHaus was the place to be whenever you weren’t on the showroom floor, eating or taking a bathroom break (notice I didn’t say sleeping). It was a great place to see friends like Tom Foremski, Michael Johnson, John Furrier, Reboot gaming guru Rio Pasino, Robert Scoble and his video shooting/editing partner in crime Rocky. I got to catch up with many of them and made new friends. The PodTech crew pumped out lots of great video, audio and blog stories from the BlogHaus, located deep inside the bellissima albergo di Bellagio.

I got to hear about the blogger bus ride from the Bay Area and see what Tom Foremski was excited about as he arrived in Las Vegas for CES 2008. Here’s a look at one thing Tom released from CES:

MP4 Video Video | 09:36 | Posted by Tom Foremski | January 10th, 2008 5:44 amNext week I’m launching – the ten minutes of Robert Scoble you need to see each day ūüôā

Robert is an extraordinary and tireless media producing machine. He would run 24/7 if he could, and he sometimes does.

Here are a couple of days of Robert at CES2008 in Las Vegas and the PodTech BlogHaus, (which was a great place to hang out…)

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Intel World Ahead Trips through Africa

PodTech’s Jason Lopez packed his camera, audio equipments, a change or two of clothes and all of his gumption to follow Intel Chairman Craig Barrett on visits to several key spots in Africa. The maze and patchwork of buying the right flights on the right airlines on the right days. The ability to grab a cab that would take him to a place on an agenda, a place he’d never seen before. Why? He was the right guy to live, capture and tell the stories of how new ideas, education and technology can open new possibilities for developing communities.

Here is a series from that trip in late October 2007:

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Upload HD Video to Vimeo & Teched-Out Esquire North NY Appartment

I just tested out embeding the Vimeo player in this post, but it didn’t work. I really dig this fun video I found on their site from Dala Verdugo — a simple understanding of the difference between standard and HD video. I will try uploading to Vimeo my Esquire Note in HD as soon as it’s edited.

Last month, I shot some HD video the before the opening of Esquire North, Esquire magazine’s ultimate New York bachelor apartment in Harlem on the tree-lined north edge of Central Park. I was there for some TV and radio efforts for Intel, who teamed up with Esquire to deck out the pad with the latest computer technologies — from Intel Core 2 Quad-powered gaming PCs by Dell, to ultra mobile devices and an Intel-Viiv powered entertainment system by Nevius (connected to DirecTV boxes) that could send five different HD movies to five different rooms at the same time. Here’s the video we did from the event with gaming pro Marc Saltzman. There will be an online tour of the apartment similar to last year’s enormous Esquire House 360 in Beverly Hills, California.

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Trying New Ways to Connect & Share

The move is on.  Change is constant, but slow down when you can and see how things are happening.

The mad rush towards social media grows more momentous every day.¬† It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves, running passionately just after truly realizing it’s time to change our behavior and shake our old ways.

A big ship turns slowly, but if many people can connect and paddle in sync…the ship can reposition more quickly.¬† That’s what’s happening now.¬† The step forward when Intel began blogging openly in January was followed by a few additional groups blogging, even from other parts of the world.¬† They’re seeing the real value of participating through social media.¬† They’re also learning first hand how to carry a forceful, engineer and ROI-based company out in the open among crowds of more people.¬† There are groups of friends out there, sure, but there are also groups of not-so-friendly people and people who could really care less.¬† But many of the paddlers believe the efforts have upside, the chance to better connect with friends, fans, families, counterparts, clients, governments, experts, interesting people, who can all can somehow help make the company better.

Moving from blogs to building communities is a way to spur the next wave for connecting and collaborating with others who have expertise and similar drive to advance technology.¬† It might’ve been a good idea to join existing IT communities rather than try and build a new one from scratch — ala Open Port.¬† But just look at the world and it’s many cultures, types of food and music.¬† Look at the media.¬† We’ve been seeing and hearing about major media consolidation, but to me media appears to be more fragmented than ever before (and now people are socializing media!).¬† Compared with 10 or even five years ago, I have more choices to find what I really like on TV, Radio or the Internet.¬† So let’s help build new communities and have the right communities intermingle where and when appropriate, and create bonds that make them stronger together.¬†¬† If some communities or parts of communities don’t grow, or even atrophy, then the efforts were no wasted.¬† Instead, choices were made that didn’t click or add value to people who found what they wanted in other communities. Learn by doing and trying new ways to communicate better.¬† Share passions and knowledge more freely and timely and from there the truth stands out.

Below are a variety of videos related to Open Port.¬† They have similar flavor, but each video tries to connect with particular audiences.¬† It’s good to remember that we have more things in common then not, but the more invovled we get, the more the world opens up — like the Powers of 10 (here’s the more official Powers of 10).¬† And that is why I believe the move towards nurturing communities will be valuable, if and only if valuable content, discussions, resources, trust and insight are shared vigorously.¬† Let the naysayers and ranters rail against trying.¬† This is a time for building and networking, not time for over-strategizing perfection or clinging to status quo.

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From Tactical to Strategical

I started blogging here to learn and practice…for who knew what would come? I’ve been helping the Intel Global Communications Group and others inside Intel better understand how to create stories for Podcasting for almost two years. Prior, many others were Podcasting and sharing their wisdom about using social media — pioneers like Josh Bancroft and few others.

Note: Josh just encouraged me to get my own domain and hosting, so this blog will be movin’ ahead to, if things go well this weekend.

While other groups were experimenting, the corporate PR team started doing audio Podcasts at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2006, working with PodTech. We quickly moved into video Podcasting. We already had broadcast (TV and Radio) writing and production skills, but together with PodTech our team began learning how to share our stories online. It’s much different than TV and radio production — and I’d say more fun!

We learned how to tag, create categories and link to related stories. This helped us build — literally link — one story with the next. We moved from tactical to strategic…or from trying to doing things to actually asserting thoughtful purpose. The purpose of telling good stories that we believed would be interesting to our audiences, with full intentions of sharing stories so they could be shared among any online discussion people might want to have — bloggers, journalists, investors, consumers, clients.

Jump to this month. I’ve seen the momentum growing for a long time, but this month Intel stepped further ahead into social media with our Intel Developer Forum planning efforts. Our plans were rolled straight to the top of Intel. Plans peculated by several teams teaming up resources, ideas and energy to share the experience we’ll be having at IDF. We’ll have more tools and ways to connect and share with our audiences, who will also have new ways to participate with IDF — a gathering of top engeineers and companies from around the world learning how to build future technologies based on the latest Intel chip designs and technologies. Look for more video, live blogging and even livecasting using

This year I helped compile guidelines and an Intel University course about Social Media. The aim is to encourage every Intel worker to participate and to do so freely and smartly. Guidelines are based on long-standing employee codes of conduct, but we put things into context and provided some do’s and don’ts. Many of us truly believe having many voices participating is better than having a select few. And that group of “many of us” is growing and some are even getting new official roles as evangelists and leaders. These energized people are putting in great work to help bring great social media tools to more people inside Intel, including Intel IT pro and original blogger Jeff Moriarty. This is how we can change and improve things, by getting our people to connect more freely and flexibly with their audiences and communities.

This post is turning into a long tale/tail, but it’s analogous. This week I wrote my first official Intel blog post “Where IT Pros Talk Shop,” which features a video I shot and edited. While working on so many things on so many fronts, it’s good to celebrate victories and steps that show progress. Things that show we’re movin’ ahead! I’d say now things are leapin’ ahead.

Next, much attention will need to go towards communicating and understanding core audiences and audiences that welcome us and value what we can give and take.

Gaming Gets The Reboot

PodTech’s Rio Pesino has been producing some cool reports on gaming for a while now, so it’s GREAT to see his new show hit.¬† The intro is sweet!¬† The graphics are slick and the pace is just right.¬† Nice production and big variety of game-lovers interviewed.¬† Gaming is not just for boys and girls, grappas are in on the action, too!

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