Grandparents of the Revolution — Laptops and Intel Chips from ’80s & ’90s

It’s not the Intel Museum, but the remodeled 4th Floor of Intel headquarters where we found the sun beaming down…on this blast from the past.

Chances are, you had or used one of these in your life.  Well, if you were alive in the previous millennium.

Imagine what the next 20 years will bring!
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Creativity Doesn’t Come Out of Thin Air

This is fun, done quickly and incredibly creative and memorable video about the new thin laptop, MacBook Air.   Even Nats video description is great:

 Has Apple considered the implications of its glorification of thin models? Has it once considered the feelings of my “big boned” HP, and how she’s felt living in a society where you’re only as attractive as you are THIN? And what about the young processors that are at an impressionable age. Do they need this pressure? I think not.

Hands on MacBook Air tour & review my Gizmodo.