Meeting DARPA Dan Kaufman at the Computer History Museum

Almost earshot distance from Googleplex and NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, the man in charge of information innovation at the Defense Advance Research Projects implored technology researchers to actually make things and publish their failures.

At the Computer History Museum this week, Dan Kaufman discussed the potential and pitfalls of crowdsourcing, the distinction between invention and innovation, and how to stay ahead while businesses are stockpiling intellectual property in preparation for patent wars.

“Everything we do at DARPA moves the impossible to improbable to inevitable,” said Kaufman. “What if you didn’t have to use bombs and instead we gave the military the right tools.”

Following his converations with New York Times science writer John Markoff, Kaufman sat down with me for this interview DARPA Director Calls for Change in the Tech Industry.

Researchers create car that can be steered by thought

Via Scoop.itIntel Free Press

Scientists in Germany have equipped a car with new technology that measures the driver’s brain waves.
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Solar or Light Powered Computer Chip


This is a mind bender, every time I look at this my imagination runs wild. Computer chips have kept up with Moore’s Law and performance has improved year over year for decades, but so has the energy consumption, which has dropped significantly over the years. Would be cool if compute devices could be powered by light, friction from your pocket or finger tapping.

Futuristic research chip from Intel allows computer to power up on postage stamp sized solar cell #IDF2011

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Fireballs from @IntelLabs – tossing sensors into the blaze to gather intelligence #IDF2011

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Really Smart Tech for Future Cars #IntelLabs

At Research day, Intel Labs researchers show some of the future technologies that we featured in this IntelFreePress story I wrote recently:

Consumers Accelerate Demand for Connected Cars. A look at what’s driving In-Vehicle Infotainment tech.
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Technological Sea Creator or Silicon Photonics?

Intel’s Research Day, meeting with the team working to bring the best benefits of silicon chip texhnology with the speed of light, fiber optic communication #IntelLabs.
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