Esquire North Livin’ Teched Out Above Central Park

I got to participate in the September 27 opening of Esquire North, the ultimate bachelor apartment located on the tree-lined edge of New York’s Central Park in Harlem.

The 5,700 square-foot, triplex penthouse offers rare and breath-taking views looking downtown over the lush green park. This NY apartment has two outdoor terraces and an Italian designed spiral glass & metal staircase.

I toted my Sony HDV and shot some wonderful footage then tried rendering some high resolution video files — I have lots to learn!

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the final hours before the opening gala, as broadcast media came to capture interviews and visuals for live and taped reports. Esquire magazine publisher Kevin O’Malley is genuine, thoughtful and very involved with so many of the people, furnishing, artwork and technology that together showed how a modern Esquire man would live if he had Kevin’s connections! Top designer brands filled each room

Live like a king at least for fund raising (CARE) night party, test drive F1 racing powered by Intel Quad Core processors while sitting in eel-skin covered racing seats, lounge with an UMPC or watch HD in any room streamed form a dream home hub powered by Intel Viiv with Core 2 Quad processor technology — below there’s more on Niveus.

The are some cool photos and crazy viewer comments on Gizmodo. And Gizmodo shot their own video featuring my Intel pal Michelle — she’s a technical wizard who easily slides into the role of technical art expert!

i4U News took b-roll and created a cool video tour.

Niveus’ entertainment hub was at the heart of the apartment. Michelle says the upstairs closet, which was packed with digital equipment connecting to 3.5 miles of cable, cost over $500,000. Learn more about Niveus, but here’s what the company says:

Niveus chose the top of the line Pro Series media server to deliver high-class and high-def entertainment throughout the Esquire North dwelling. Incorporating the most advanced hardware and software, the Pro Series allows the sophisticated Esquire man (and his guests) to easily manage and access hundreds of movies, thousands of CD’s, photos, games and television shows.

Based on the Windows Vista Ultimate Media Center platform, the Pro Series is engineered to provide exceptional images and pristine video quality; incorporating the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor, Nvidia’s GeForce Series 8 Graphics, and HDMI output. Specially designed in a sleek, rack-mount black chassis, the Pro Series offers up to 3TB of storage and supports simultaneous streaming of HD media and multi-channel music throughout the Esquire North home and features four television tuners, 7.1 analog and digital surround sound, and more!

With the Intel Core 2 Quad processor, the Pro Series is capable of streaming HD media to 5 additional, Esquire North zones while providing the power, compatibility, and connectivity to perform as the hard-core central media hub. In addition, the Intel powered server also allows instant access from any networked computer or DLNA enabled TV or Digital Media Adapter throughout the Esquire home!

Take your own private Esquire North tour here. First, get a behind-the-scenes experience.

Upload HD Video to Vimeo & Teched-Out Esquire North NY Appartment

I just tested out embeding the Vimeo player in this post, but it didn’t work. I really dig this fun video I found on their site from Dala Verdugo — a simple understanding of the difference between standard and HD video. I will try uploading to Vimeo my Esquire Note in HD as soon as it’s edited.

Last month, I shot some HD video the before the opening of Esquire North, Esquire magazine’s ultimate New York bachelor apartment in Harlem on the tree-lined north edge of Central Park. I was there for some TV and radio efforts for Intel, who teamed up with Esquire to deck out the pad with the latest computer technologies — from Intel Core 2 Quad-powered gaming PCs by Dell, to ultra mobile devices and an Intel-Viiv powered entertainment system by Nevius (connected to DirecTV boxes) that could send five different HD movies to five different rooms at the same time. Here’s the video we did from the event with gaming pro Marc Saltzman. There will be an online tour of the apartment similar to last year’s enormous Esquire House 360 in Beverly Hills, California.

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Sweet Bike, Hot Babe, Tech Wizard and Nifty UMPC in Taiwan IDF 2007

Taiwan IDF 2007 166, originally uploaded by KenEKaplan.

That’s good livin’ on the go. My boy Damian will go crazy for this motorcycle!