Came across this photo today Veerle Pieters on Flickr. Even a photo that’s two years old…it’s interesting to read the comments.  This photo is from the Apple with Intel Inside TV add from 2006.  The comments beneath the photo on Flickr get into how this TV ad was likely an original idea for the Postal Service.   Excellent analogy for how a microprocessor works — but zillion times faster and more efficiently!

I use Chirp on one of my laptops. That screensaver pulls in photos from Facebook and Flickr. I find so many great photos on Flickr thanks to Chirp. I’m certainly spending more time on Flickr enjoying the amazing work and great comments.

Here’s the caption:

Starting today the Intel chip will be set free

Apple starts the Intel transition with a bang. I can imagine that this spot will raise an eyebrow or two at other PC vendors. The ad has the same kind of special vibe going as in the orginal 1984 superbowl spot. It’s like you have been doing dull stuff and now you’re free to let al that creativity loose. Music is done by Moby and is called “God moving over the Face of the Waters” Go Intel 🙂

2 thoughts on “Flickr Inspires Great Comments

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