Digital Arts Renaissance in the Cloud

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In the final weeks of 2011, I drove to Berkeley to interview the founder and digital artists at McNeil Studio to hear first-hand about their first experience using cloud computing services to create a fast-moving animation based on paper origami designs.

I shot a video and wrote this article for Intel Free PressCloud Computing Democratizes Digital Animation — focusing on the impact of cloud computing — paying for on-demand supercomputer power from datacenters owned by Amazon.  The story also appears in Silicon Valley Watcher.

The idea of sending pieces of a render job out to different computers to crunch was novel and felt somewhat risky, but the results, the speed and the cost all had the McNeil Studio team singing the praises of Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing service.

I was also drawn into the actual creative process and how they turned
paper origami figurines into an engaging animated story for my employer,
Intel, which wanted to redesign its consumer technology website with
examples of how people can use their computer to do amazing, dazzling
things in life.

I crack up at the penguin scene.

The final version is at Intel’s Unfold What’s Possible site.

Presentation Zen: Steve Jobs on marketing & identifying your core values

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[Wonderful!]   In this presentation made on the Apple campus, Steve says that marketing is not about touting features and speeds and megabytes or comparing yourself to the other guys, it’s about identifying your own story, your own core, and being very, very clear about what you are all about and what you stand for…and then being able to communicate that clearly, simply, and consistently.
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Apple MacBooks Inside the Enterprise?

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‘Bring Your Own Mac’ Program Provides New Insight, Learning for ITPutting Apple MacBooks to work behind the corporate firewall is something many small Silicon Valley startups may have been doing for years, but it may be less likely inside larger,…
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Flickr Inspires Great Comments

Came across this photo today Veerle Pieters on Flickr. Even a photo that’s two years old…it’s interesting to read the comments.  This photo is from the Apple with Intel Inside TV add from 2006.  The comments beneath the photo on Flickr get into how this TV ad was likely an original idea for the Postal Service.   Excellent analogy for how a microprocessor works — but zillion times faster and more efficiently!

I use Chirp on one of my laptops. That screensaver pulls in photos from Facebook and Flickr. I find so many great photos on Flickr thanks to Chirp. I’m certainly spending more time on Flickr enjoying the amazing work and great comments.

Here’s the caption:

Starting today the Intel chip will be set free

Apple starts the Intel transition with a bang. I can imagine that this spot will raise an eyebrow or two at other PC vendors. The ad has the same kind of special vibe going as in the orginal 1984 superbowl spot. It’s like you have been doing dull stuff and now you’re free to let al that creativity loose. Music is done by Moby and is called “God moving over the Face of the Waters” Go Intel 🙂

Creativity Doesn’t Come Out of Thin Air

This is fun, done quickly and incredibly creative and memorable video about the new thin laptop, MacBook Air.   Even Nats video description is great:

 Has Apple considered the implications of its glorification of thin models? Has it once considered the feelings of my “big boned” HP, and how she’s felt living in a society where you’re only as attractive as you are THIN? And what about the young processors that are at an impressionable age. Do they need this pressure? I think not.

Hands on MacBook Air tour & review my Gizmodo.