Even the Three Stooges knew nothing lasts forever.  They Ixnayed lots of things, trivial and series.

Even in journalism school I learned about loaded words like “should,” “never” and “forever.”

Maybe many of us learned the meaning of forever from classical Greek philosophers, or some Latin-based proverb.

I certainly believe in God and loving my family forever, so there is something to the “everlasting-ness” of forever.

But even I learned from my work at Intel whenever the History Channel or another broadcaster asked to use our Intel b-roll footage and have us sign away rights for “perpetuity.”

We always inxnay perpetuity and add an adendum that allows us to review the final video every 10 years to make sure our footage is not being used out of context, or in a way that might cause problems for our company.

With this week’s (OK, for me I finally took notice) issue about Facebook’s Terms of Service, I found Rocketboom hitting the heart of the matter: never shouldn’t matter…well, unless it’s about the magic of never-ending love.

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