Rocketboom Tech Success Story

Four, three, two, one…Rocketboom went live on YouTube this week, one of only a handful of pioneering online video shows picked by Google to help preview the new YouTube Live service.  

Rocketbom did a fun promo featuring bloopers:

Success doesn’t happen over night but it can happen pretty quickly when you have great talent, inspiring teammates and the wonder-pace of the Internet.  Rocketboom was created by the talented producer Andrew Baron in 2004.  I true pioneer in online episodic video production, Baron has evolved things beyond a daily Internet culture newscast Rocketboom to include Know Your Meme, Rocketboom Tech and Rocketboom NYC.  And he continues to explore and develop new technologies — like his innovative video aggregator Magma (more on Magma here) and new business models that bring together the best of video storytelling and the Internet.

I got to meet Andrew in 2008 thanks to an introduction by Pop17‘s Sarah Austin, at the time an Intel Insider social media advisor. After hiring him to create a few technology-related segments for Intel, together we worked up an plan for a regular show which became Rocketboom Tech, launched in early 2008.  Hosted by Ellie Rountree, Rocketboom Tech gets the inside scoop on innovations and innovators bringing exciting technologies to our daily lives. 

Ellie has met up with amazing people from NASA, Second Life, Intel Labs, the Consumer Electronics Show and even futurists and pyschologists exploring how technology can help relieve stress from our daily lives.

During that time, my team inside Intel and I have had the chance to work behind the scenes on story development and to learn production and editing tricks that have become Rocketboom signatures.  We even got to visit their snazzy new studios in New York.

Kenyatta Cheese, Ellie Rountree and Ken E Kaplan at the Rocketboom Studios in New York, NY

In September, I traveled to New York to host the Intel Insiders Summit gathering of social media advisors.  I was able to take some time to talk with Ellie Rountree on camera, as I wanted to capture the glee of excitement she was feeling about some of the new changes inside Rocketboom.  And how she’s been able to develop a show launched with sponsorship support from my team at Intel.

Ellie’s a great producer and talent.  It’s not hard to image that someday soon, she’ll be a star not only on Rocketboom but in other consumer technology shows playing in our future Smart TVs!

Rocketboom Deck Check

Creative Kenyatta Cheese and super talent Ellie Rountree took me and my Intel pal Kiesha westside overlooking the Hudson from Rocketboom’s new studios 15 floors high in the New York sky.

Ellie and Kenyatta gave us a spirited tour behind the scenes of Rocketboom, Know Your Meme and Rocketboom Tech.

Later, online video mastermind Andrew Baron joined us. He and Ellie cooked up an idea with me and my Intel team back in 2008 to create a innovation segment that became known as Rocketboom Tech, sponsored by Intel since early 2009.  Here’s the some of the side stories from the show on the Rocketboom Tech Tumblr blog.

The show focuses on consumer tech innovations and innovative people using technology in amazing ways.
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Ixnay on Perpetuity

Even the Three Stooges knew nothing lasts forever.  They Ixnayed lots of things, trivial and series.

Even in journalism school I learned about loaded words like “should,” “never” and “forever.”

Maybe many of us learned the meaning of forever from classical Greek philosophers, or some Latin-based proverb.

I certainly believe in God and loving my family forever, so there is something to the “everlasting-ness” of forever.

But even I learned from my work at Intel whenever the History Channel or another broadcaster asked to use our Intel b-roll footage and have us sign away rights for “perpetuity.”

We always inxnay perpetuity and add an adendum that allows us to review the final video every 10 years to make sure our footage is not being used out of context, or in a way that might cause problems for our company.

With this week’s (OK, for me I finally took notice) issue about Facebook’s Terms of Service, I found Rocketboom hitting the heart of the matter: never shouldn’t matter…well, unless it’s about the magic of never-ending love.

Boom! Goes the Dynamite on Rocketboom

Breaking into TV or any media for that matter requires…well…a big break. Sometimes the big break is a chance to let the good, bad and ugly out to dry. Lesson here, share your personality…even if it means you’re nervous and can’t read the teleprompter with live cameras gunning at you.