Reboot Shows Blinged-Out Solid Gold PC with Intel Core 2 Duo $3/4Million

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Rio Pesino of PodTech has a short, nifty episode of his gaming show, “Reboot” that spotlights a Japanese company selling PCs covered in solid gold ($750,000) or silver cases covered with diamonds ($560,000). Sure the bling is the thing, but it’s that Intel Core 2 Duo inside that make me sing!  See it here:

Solid Gold Bling PC

Gaming Gets The Reboot

PodTech’s Rio Pesino has been producing some cool reports on gaming for a while now, so it’s GREAT to see his new show hit.  The intro is sweet!  The graphics are slick and the pace is just right.  Nice production and big variety of game-lovers interviewed.  Gaming is not just for boys and girls, grappas are in on the action, too!

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Video Inside Intel’s Integrated Graphics Lab

My Intel buddy Nick visited the Folsom lab to actually see what all of the buzz was about. People who game or go heavy on graphics and video tend to pooh=pooh integrated graphics — shhh…I’m one of them. But integrated graphics are advancing — nearly everything steps to Moore’s Law at Intel, or steps up to good competition. Here’s Nick’s blog post with some comments from integrated graphics dissers and believers.

Inside Intel’s Extreme Laptop Testing Lab

This is a video I got to shoot inside the Intel benchmarking lab in Santa Clara, CA just prior to the release of the first Extreme Edition processor for laptops. Gamers delight! Mobility without sacrificing gaming performance.

Inside Smack on Gamemakers

XtremeQuest is a pretty cool series that takes you inside the workrooms to meet PC gamemakers who are developing new titles that take advantage of Intel’s Core 2 Quad processor.  The four-brained chip is allowing game developers to split up the game so that particular functions or engines are run on each of the four slivers of silicon inside the Quad core CPU.

Here’s the latest episode: