Atom Gadget Going to SXSW 2010

I will miss this year’s SXSW Interactive, but I enjoyed getting to pull plans together and shoot a video of the Intel Atom Gadgets going to the event next week. If you’re going to SXSW, get your Gadgets on!

Minding Our Mobile Tech Manners

Are you a Gabby or a Gertrude?

I took the mobile etiquette quiz three times, so I guess it’s true. I’m a Gertrude.  Here’s what it told me:

You are a Mobile Misfit!  Do you feel other patron’s eyes on you as you take up one too many tables in a crowded green coffee shop? With the amount of real estate you’re occupying, you may as well set up a desktop computer! Do you have bruises from walking into things (and people) because you’re too busy texting to pay attention to what’s in front of you? As a Mobile Misfit, mobile etiquette is not in your vocabulary. Mobile devices were created to make life easier for you and others, not to wreak havoc on those around you. It’s time for an intervention!

My Intel teammates and I had fun working with Intel Insider iJustine, who did a great job finding a creative crew in LA to shoot these.  We gave her a sneak peek at early survey results, and her crew came back with the Gabby and Gurtrude skit.  She did three Mobile Etiquette videos — Dating, Working, Privacy.  I liked that much better than the “Miss Manners” or “Do’s and Don’t” storylines.

My mobile tech pet peeves?  I’m pretty lenient.  Maybe because I hope others will treat me with the same freedom to tech.  But I believe I’m pretty considerate of people around me, and I never take a conversation into the bathroom.  But I can slip in a quick SMS or email lickety-split in almost any situation.  I like acknoledgements from others, so I’m quick to respond to people’s request when possible.  I find that a lot of communication is timing, nurturing and keeping things moving ahead.

When I got my first laptop from work in 2000, well it was awesome.  I could bring it home and almost anywhere, and have my everything I needed — as long as I could wait for the super slow boot up and slow Internet connection.  When I got my blackberry three years ago, it levitated me and allowed me to roam, and “be there” in more places while still on teh front lines of communications.

The June 17, 2009 Intel survey showed that nine out of 10 U.S. adults feel annoyed by some behaviors they see in public. Driving while texting (guilty!) and loud mobile phone talkers (not me) were top complaints, yet, most of didnt think they were culprits (ummm, well).

“It is hardly surprising that we are still working out what is socially appropriate and what isn’t we are still developing our techno-etiquettes,” said my pal and inspiration Genevieve Bell, an Intel Fellow and cultural anthropologist who studies technology and culture.

I hope we can include our Intel Insiders in more video projects because I always learn something new — features available in YouTube.

I’ll work on shedding my Mobile Misfit label…I am a parent after all, and I’d like to influence my kids by showing good examples!

If you take the quiz, let me know if you’re a Gabby or Gertrude, and how you feel about it.  Tech responsibly, but tech on!

Fast Brain Life for Wiseman Jeremiah Owyang

Friend and Forester Researcher Jeremiah Owyang sits down with Intel Insider Sarah Austin and shares his daily routine, ambitions, amazement and travel wishes.

Last week, Jeremiah gave me a quick shot out (I’m not worthy!) in this Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal story that offers even more insight into what keeps the social computing wiseman movin’ ahead of things.

Are PR Agencies Dead?

Brian Solis is pioneer of moving the PR industry into and beyond the PR 2.0 era. He’s also an Intel Insider, one of 10 social media advisers I get to work with. Putting Public Back in Public Relations

I shot the video (at bottom) during the “Are PR Agencies Dead?” panel at South by Southwest 2009 just days before Brian’s new book was released called “Putting Public Back in Public Relations.”

This is one for the ages, an accessible read for students studying Journalism/Public Relations in college…and a great addition to my BookStack.

The week prior to SXSW, Brian gave me some great advice about getting the @intel Twitter account started using a “curator” approach rather than sharing a persona like some of the excellent account like Zappos and ComcastCares.

Over the past three years, I’ve seen Brian grow more prolific, helping so many people with his insights about PR, about how to best use social media and networking tools and how to go off and do something wonderful with your online persona. Today, he even has an interesting Micro Disruption Theory and The Social Effect.

Brian is someone well worth any free or multitasking time you can spare.  Here is a widget that will let you follow Brian Solis’ great photography, blog and Twitter posts.

Update:  Here is a great interview of Brian Solis by Seesmic mastermind Loic Le Muer:

Girls in Tech DevForum 2008 — Video of Panel

Well I’m just another guy in tech — my day job draws me inside Intel and the rest of my life, family and beyond is more an more tech infused every day.

I wasn’t my first choice when hi5’s Adriana Gascoigne asked if Intel could participate in the Girls in Tech DevForum 2008.  Inside Intel there are tons of talented girls in tech…and most everyone I reached out to just couldn’t make it to San Francisco on November 19th.

As fate would have it, I was was fortunate to be on a panel with some talented and good humored rising tech stars who shared their insights with a room full of women entrepenauers and even a group of tech guys, especially the vocal group visiting from across the pond.

I brought my camera (surprise!) and was able to set it up on a tripod then slip in front of the camera to join the other panelist.  I enjoyed how everyone kept their storytelling light and anecodotal with just enought geek speak to keep it real and substantial.

The panel was moderated by Paul Linder, hi5.

The panel featured:

Adriana is a wonderful, classy host.  I’ve seen her host many gatherings — inside clubs as well as conference rooms.

I did get to meet up with the creative team behind the cool VortexMe widgets, which we created for our Intel Insiders social media advisors.

Regrettably I could only stay for the first part of the day — I’m playing Mr. Mom these days — but here’s rest of the agenda that I missed:

  • It’s an OpenSocial Generation; learn more about the platform framework, benefits, and analytics: Raymond Chan, Architect, RockYou
    The Power of the Social Web: Ami Vora, Sandra Liu Huang Product Managers, Facebook
  • DSLs: One of the Hottest Trends in Software: How to Use it For Your Business: Anda Ambrovici, ThoughtWorks
  • Building Applications Based on User Behaviors/Interests: Holly Liu, Product Manager, Watercooler
  • Beyond Maps: The Future of the Geo-Web: Brittany Bohnet, Product Marketing, Google
  • How to Develop, Market and Monetize Widgets: Jeff Whitehead, Gina Satomi, VortexMe, RealTimeMatrix
  • GLAM product launch announcement with Sasha Cagen, Product Engineer, GLAM
  • Cocktail mixer and apps, sponsored by ThoughtWorks

Here at InterAct 2008 with My DC Social Media Posse

Here is some great news I got recently from InterAct 2008 — dubbed “interactive media event of the year, merging creativity with technology”:

“You are currently confirmed to speak on the “Grow Your Business Through Social Media” panel, scheduled for Tuesday, September 3o…in the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center Atrium Ballroom at 1300 Pennsylvania Aven NW, Washington DC.”


I get to join an awesome cast of mostly east coast masters of social media.  In fact, there are two Intel Insiders:  Brian Solis (my West Coast posse) and Somwhat Frank Gruber (East Coast boy at large).

Here’s a look at the panel:

Look for some lots of creative ideas mixed with grounded perspectives for how to help your company leap into this era of “opening up,” “connecting” and “growing together.”

Frankly, I’m fired up to be back in DC…although it’s the first time I’ve been here on a Sunday and downtown and the Mall is DEAD quiet, and so many stories are closed.

I dig the megalomania DC architecture, with one not-so tall, but grandiose building next to another trying to stand more more than its next door neighbor.  The architecture is magnificent, with no building higher than the tip of the robust Capitol building.  DC’s nowhere as awesome as Rome, but the knock off columned monuments and museums make Las Vegas look like a movieset.

I did get to spend time catching up over brunch with a great guy and mentor, Rohit, who’s another creative treasure of DC.

I’m looking forward to meeting Jesse and Jim.  And spending the afternoon with Rohit, Brian and Frank, three guys who I don’t (I’m not the only one who doesnt’) get to see enough.  A big thanks to Leslie Bradshaw for helping me get here.

Follow the InterAct2008 blog to get a flavor what what’s cookin’ in DC this week.