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I’ve spent most of my career behind the scenes helping others get in the the groove for appearing on TV and radio.  When it makes sense…I’ll step in front of the camera and share things I know.  So after helping Shel Israel get time for a video interview with Intel CEO Paul Otellini, my Intel pal Laura and I got to spend time with Shel showing him the Intel Museum and sharing some of our favorite stories about Intel…the 40 year old company that’s still a disrupter, still bustin’ out innovation from every core.

Shel wanted to learn from Paul if internal blogging was having any change agent impact inside Intel.  He learned that it was, and we got to hear Paul share some personal stories — past and visionary — about the evolutionary impact of new technology on human communication.  From the days before companies had computers, faxes, even phones…to the unleashing yet connected work-lifestyle brought on by laptop computers.  What’s next?  The 3-D virtual worlds where people and things can interact together from almost anywhere, anytime.  Paul was really into the conversation, and inspiring!

What I wanted to do wanted that day?  To get to know Shel better, and champion the grassroots social media activities of some great Intel pioneers like Josh Bancroft…and to share the groundswell momentum today we see as more employees are participating with social media and social networking.  And we’re all — pioneers and newbies — still learning tons and sharing nuggets of knowledge with our growing social media posse every day  (a recent post and some photos of my Social Media Posse).

Several years ago, when I first started hearing about blogging, someone pointed me to Shel Israel’s site.  I immediately enjoyed the topics he covered with wit, insight and a conversational style.  Then I had the pleasure of attending a social media session in 2007 hosted at SAP — that’s where I first got to meet Shel.  I kept checking into his blog every once in a while and was curious when he started his SAP Global Survey about the use of social media around the world (see Shel on “Marketing Voices” with PodTech’s Jennifer Jones).  Note to self:  submit my answers to the survey!!

I was unable to embed the videos here, but click this link to Shel’s post where you can watch the first three videos he produced for the new FastCompany.TV.
Shel describes his Intel segment like this:

If you think of the universe of technology—and for that matter-social media, Intel seems to be constantly at the center of it. The devices we use, what we see on them, the companies that provide them, almost completely depend upon Intel for the processing power needed to make it work.

I spent some time with Paul Otellini, who became Intel CEO, after moving up the ranks for 30 years, and with Ken Kaplan, one of Intel’s most passionate social media enthusiasts.

This clip will give you some idea of how Intel is using social media internally and at least a hint of where Otellini thinks it will go during his daughter’s lifetime.

Person Josh Bancroft
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Shel Israel on Social Media Worldwide Momentum

Shel Israel is definitely among my top favorite social media wisemen and Jennifer Jones has a nice insight into Shel and so many communication gurus doing great things.

Like so many, I believe there’s an unstoppable swell of social media energy and needs inside companies and industries around the world. It’s up to us to help companies, industry and government leaders understand why we ought to keep forging into new ways of communicating better using the Internet. Younger folks, even my own kids, are already using the Internet like I used to use the phone, radio, TV and the yellow pages. Heck, my five-year-old knows how to answer a Skype call and turn on the video chat!

Let’s keep movin’ ahead with it!!

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2008/01/PID_013309/Podtech_MarketingVoices_Shel_Israel.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/4850/social-media-worldwide-shel-israels-perspective&totalTime=450000&breadcrumb=98b6db17d747439fa5d78b75bdfa0848]

Passion between IT & Social Media

I attended my first Social Media Club meeting in Silicon Valley when it was hosted at KNT-TV, the NBC affilaite, during a time when it was exploring citizen journalism and ways to get the community involved in its newsgather efforts. That’s when I sat next to Mike McGrath, who became the chapter leader along with my former Intel pal and now KNTV pro Meredith Smith.

Finally, my wish came true. I wanted to host a Social Media Club meeting at Intel, and that wish came true thanks to support from my boss and especially from many Intel pals like Mark Pettinger, Bob Duffy, Laurie Buczek, Josh Hilliker and Aaron Tersteeg. Thanks to several others like Lyn, Denise, Darold, Jason, Patrick, Chris and PodTech’s “Marketing Voices” host Jennfer Jones.

I list the people first because that’s what it’s all about. My friends made it possible to get time with Shel Israel, Dave McClure and Jeremiah Owyang. The evening attracted a somewhat small, but fully engaged audience of PR pros, enterprise tech experts and social media enthusiasts.

Several people pitched in to spread the word, including some who pointed out that the event was available live through UStream.TV (nearly 20 people joined online — see chat pasted below).

This was an evening of sharing, griping, laughing and opening up to directions we can take to implement social media into the companies where we work.

What hit me most what how Shel Israel got things started, warmed up the speakers, engaged the audience and helped make sense of things through his eyes, feelings, thoughts and desires.

Jennifer Jones from PodTech talked about how more marketing pros are getting their footing in social media. What a great mix of experience with PR and marketing history and new exploration with social media!

Dave McClure what the guy who best hit the them — Social Media and the Enterprise, Moving Forward — and Intel’s Bob Duffy showed how Intel is taking concerted efforts to move beyond corporate blogs into community building.

How-People-Use-Technology Guru and original IT@Intel blogger Eleanor Wynn painted historic and human aspects that brought to life the “how we got here” and “how can we face challenges ahead” stories. She is gifted with an ability to listen and understand people, but her present to the audience was some real insight into how people are using social media…peppered with humor and wonder.

Thanks to everyone who visited Intel headquarter and to those who watched when they could. Here is a collection of blog posts related to the Social Media Club, Silicon Valley held at Intel on 10/22:

What inspired me was the great follow up posts by Jeremiah Owyang, who grounded everything in reality and next steps. Here are one and two great posts that I hope spur more devotion to making social media fit into everyone’s work/life balance…with help of companies and their mighty IT departments….moving at the speed of business. Then Jeremiah “The Social Computing Prophet” finds time to involve more disciples by taking notice that I was sharing his posts with many folks inside Intel. Jeremiah’s posts got over 35 comments so far — wow!

Social Media Club, Silicon Valley Inside Intel Headquarts

The Social Media Club of Silicon Valley will be at Intel Headquarters on October 22 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. for a panel discussion on Social Media and the Enterprise: Looking Forward.

Register to attend the event here and see the online Upcoming Events listing here.

  • Shel Israel is moderating – great social media man and teacher who wrote the book “Naked Conversations” with Robert Scoble
  • Dave McClure, 500 hats blogger, software geek and spirit behind recent gathering for Facebook application creators called Graphing Social Patterns
  • Jeremiah Owyang, social media researcher at Forrester and master Web strategist
  • Jennifer Jones, host of “Marketing Voices” video Podcast available on the PodTech network
  • Eleanor Wynn is an Enterprise Architect, Social Computing and blogger at IT@Intel
  • Bob Duffy, community manager of Intel’s Open Port

Prior and after the discussion, get a show and tell from online community builders from KNTV-TV’s communities efforts, Intel’s Open Port for IT pros and Intel Software Network community.

We will try to livecast the event through UStream.TV, allowing people to watch live and send in comments to the live event — embedded below.

Homepage for the Social Media Club http://www.socialmediaclub.org.

UPDATE:  Watch and chat live on UStream’s site here (tried embedding comments below).  Thanks Jeremiah.

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Shel Israel Video Chat with Robert Scoble

I enjoy listening to Shel and got to attend a workshop he lead earlier this year. I’d love to get Shel and Seth Godin together to help us wake up folks inside Intel to the fundamental shift in behavior and approach to sharing and communicating. Shel and Seth would be GREAT together, especially if we could find a way to end the talk by showing how to use available tools that help us connect with the right individuals and communities, and grow relevance over time.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/09/PID_012602/Podtech_ShelIsrael.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/4189/getting-ready-for-demo-with-shel-israel&totalTime=2023000&breadcrumb=1c5e5a330717488e8ebb486db670b25b]