Integrated efforts.  Integrating across teams.  Integrating new and traditional media outreach.  All of this is super important to VPs and group managers…and team players who do this already to produce great stuff through team work across groups.  But what swirls through my mind is that integrating is actually about pooling resources to create “content” to share stories, tips, share knowledge with interested people and invite the not-yet interested to share their attention.

The Intel corporate communications team wanted to show and tell what the new “Santa Rosa” — now known as Intel Centrino Duo and Intel Centino Pro — technology is all about…so that we could put the call out to people and companies who might be interested.  So we saw that a marketing team wanted to connect with IT pros.  Together we pooled resources and create a five-part audio and video Podcast series.

Here are the first four stories.  Watch for a great video next week, possibly featuring IT experts from EDS, HP, Altiris and others.  See how Intel IT is looking at Intel Centrino Pro laptop technology to fit in with servers and desktops built with Intel vPro technology — manageability is the key.  I have some fun photos and more insight to share in a near future post on this blog.  The aim is to show some folks how teamwork, collaboration and finding the right, real-deal people can help tell great stories.

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