New Power Management From Intel Labs Helps Future MIDs

My mentor, Larry Bozman used to always say: Simma-down now!
This is a a Powwa down now demo from Research@Intel day on June 17, 2009. I got a sneak peek during set up and just had to record one of the main guys from Intel Labs who is bringing research.
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Intel’s Pankaj Kedia with MID

Nice cigar!

Makes me think of Graucho Marx or WC Fields: “Hey, Chickadee!.” Here is collection of WC Fields videos.

Every time I see these nifty Internet gadgets, I want to take one for a week tour all expenses paid.

Cool photo by my Intel social media posse, world traveler Nick Knupffer.

The wonders of innovation even Charlie Chaplin might appreciate.

Us Taking a Photo of Us with a Gigabyte MID

Hey, that’s an Intel Atom processor Gigabyte mobile Internet device in their hand!

This is a good visual because it shows what I’ve been seeing in my minds eye: new mobile Internet devices will make ultimate social media swiss Army knives we can bring anywhere to capture and share your stories, photos and videos quickly.

And then WiMAX will come!

Cool shot from my S 🙂 pals Byron and Jason! Bravi!!

Intel’s own Atom Ant

[podtech content=]This is one of four videos we shot and shared online for the launch of Intel Atom and Intel Centrino Atom, Intel’s tiniest processor to date. It’s built with Intel’s smallest (45nm) transistors in production and designed to sip battery juice while packing a punch inside small, light Internet devices.

We’ll see more “real” devices when the chips are releases to gadget and gizmo makers in the second quarter of this year.

Here is where we can watch what people are saying online. Here are some bookmarked stories on and StumbleUpon.

Intel at CES 2008: Go Off and Do Something Wonderful

Cool video highlights of Intel inside and all around CES 2008. “Don’t be encumbered by history…go off and do something wonderful” is an Intel inspirational quote from co-founder and first CES Robert Noyce.

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Mobile Internet Devices Make a Splash at CES 2008

The more I see, the more I want one…or two! I\’m not the only one feeling this way after CES 2008.

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